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     You're just down by a measly four little points, and you are down to your last chance to make them up and beat the spread. With only seconds left in 4th period class at school, this is going to have to be the last play of the football game. You look up to make sure that your teacher isn't watching. (She's not!) The pressure mounts and mounts as you get back to the game. Holding your breath internally, you give your folded triangle a quick, solid flick. It launches toward the end of the table, bouncing once on the way to it's destination. The football slides to the edge of the table, drawing suddenly to a stop. It doesn't look good. You lean forward for a better view. It has broken the edge of the table, it's a tie game!

      Now it's your last chance to win, or you and your arch rival go home with a tie. Kinda like kissing your sister, or so I hear since I don't have a sister. You look across the table with a look of intimidation and its met back with your opponent's gaze of ice, the goal posts are raised. Holding the ball up vertically, gently held between your finger and the faux wooden field, you rear back for the kick. The ball floats up an out heading straight for the middle of the goal posts. You see fear sitting across the table from you. The football then lands embedded right between his eyes. You just scored your extra point! The bell rings and the game is over.
All your hard work and dedication has paid off. Way to GOOOOOO!!!!

OK, so it's not quite as exciting as getting professional tickets on the 50 yard line or even Michigan Football Tickets, but it's pretty good for another day stuck here at school. And those study hall tables make a great football field. Umm, so do the tables in detention ;)

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